College Bubble 2.0 (Documentary)

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The College Bubble 2.0 – JUST RELEASED NEW VIDEO August 2015

To date,’s most watched video was our March 2014 “College Bubble.” Today, we’d like to update everyone on this upcoming crisis that’s affecting America’s youth, with the release of our brand new mini-doc, College Bubble 2.0. In just one year, loan debt is up nearly 30%. An extra $200 billion has been doled out by our government in the name of helping high school graduates further their education. But at this point, extra funding is backfiring. Half of young graduates are either unemployed or only working part-time, which is a startling sign that the jig is up. In conjunction with the poor economy, new technology, developing markets killing jobs, and the massive increase in applicants with degrees, the value of college degrees is drastically falling in the economy of today. College is in a bubble, and it is going to pop soon.

Watch our shocking new video, College Bubble 2.0, further explaining the problem with today’s higher-education system. This video is jammed with new startling facts that should alarm any reasonable person learning about this fiasco. If this video strikes a chord with you, be sure to share this video with as many people as possible and educate them before they make a decision that will weigh on them for many years to come.