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Dear Reader,

Many people do not realize the cost of the “pandemic” that the entire world is facing. At first, we all had no choice but to take this virus seriously and wait for the facts to surface. But the facts are coming out and the global response to this pandemic will go down as the most costliest reaction to a MEDIOCRE problem the world has ever seen.

It’s blowing up…

This was a strategic moment to deploy cash:

The response to Covid 19 was a problem with lots of unknowns that politicians have magnified to the 100th degree to make things much worse. Remember, there’s agendas of socialism and more government control that are ripe for the taking in a vulnerable and weak state of the world.

On an average day across the world, about 150,000 people die. About 50,000 deaths a year are related to cardiovascular diseases, 25,000 related to cancers, 17,000 related to respiratory diseases and infections including the flu.

The world has been shutdown in one massive evergreen decision which will probably result in hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars per life when it’s all said and done that died from Covid. These numbers will surface in time.

You’ve heard the “cure can’t be worse than the disease,” well consider this…

We are now seeing poverty, hunger, diseases, and violence exacerbated by the pandemic, which will dwarf the number of those who die of the virus itself.

Analysis by researchers from King’s College London and Australian National University, warns that the economic contraction caused by Covid-19 could push an additional 500 million people — about 8 percent of the Earth’s population — into poverty, reversing 30 years of economic improvement.

Many politicians who want to continue scaring people with this Covid 19 virus seem to want to ignore the whole picture.

In undeveloped economies with already existing problems, starvation, disease, and deaths will spike dramatically indirectly because of the breakdowns we are seeing in a functioning economy.

But these real facts, don’t fit the narrative of keeping the economy in lockdown and people in fear of the Covid 19 virus with people free to make their own decisions.

You want to understand why the stock market has moved higher in the past 2 months, look at this chart:

Fed’s balance sheet is nearly $7 trillion and could very well already be there by the time you sit down and read this email.

Federal revenues are collapsing, and U.S. GDP is freefalling as well. GDP specifically is falling to the tune of $1 million about every 10 seconds.

As a value investor Buffett has yet to deploy any material capital towards the markets because of the Fed’s intervention which have artificially boosted prices overvaluing assets that otherwise should have fallen much further with Berkshire sitting 40% in cash. In fact, Buffett has been disposing assets including his airline stocks as well as 84% of his position in Goldman Sachs during the first quarter of the year.

The stock market it clearly not reflecting the economy, but there are reasons it keeps rising:

  1. Recency bias – investors are buying the dip expecting same old same as they’ve come to expect since the 1980s.
  2. The Federal Reserve will print endlessly for societal lubrication.
  3. The federal government will enact larger and larger spending packages to do the same as the Fed.
  4. And finally, when it’s all said and done, it’s “balls to the wall”: From pension funds, to Wall Street, to real estate, it’s all dependent on asset pricing remaining high, and globally, the normalcy of the world not going through a monstrous series of bankruptcies and delinquencies is dependent on valuations staying high.

Gold will continue to outperform for the foreseeable future and luckily, we are deeply positioned:

There’s a steady supply of gold in the world that has a historical precedence of being money with a growing supply of dollars chasing this stable supply of gold.

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    Last year, here at CrushTheStreet.com, we nailed the pivot point for gold miners, and they’ve been on an absolute tear. Review the report here, where we profiled 4 companies last year, that are basically representing the breakout we are seeing in the precious metals sector.

    It’s all systems go for this trend:

    The GDX breakout over $31 has signaled a strong bull market. Many investors, including savvy ones, have WAITED for this moment to invest for there to be serious bullish confirmation. This is now a reality.  

    Silver has surged since bottoming out to $17 and we’ve seriously just are scratching the surface for what we’re expecting to happen in silver. And as we’ve stated before, a breakout over $21 will be when I believe the firework show will really begin.

    As for bitcoin, lets not ignore this. There are still many people on the sidelines berating it. Just as we’ve all had to be nimble with the Covid 19 facts, be flexible towards investments that are outside of what you are comfortable with. Remember, facts do not care about my opinions or feelings, yours either.

    Many of you purchased your bitcoin with the $1,200 stimulus check. That stimulus money in bitcoin is now worth north of $1,700. Just like in precious metals, we saw a liquidity event in crypto and as I expected, the chips are settling, and bitcoin is surging higher in unison with the resource sector.

    The halvening event represented the world’s greatest quantitative hardening moment money has ever seen and I believe we will see new all-time-highs in bitcoin as we see concerned money exit financials and into alternative assets.

    The financial distortions are creating some VERY asymmetric opportunities in the finite asset space.

    I know it’s difficult to jump onto a moving train, but be advised that this train is leaving the station, and you are going to want a ticket for this ride.


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    Kenneth Ameduri
    Chief Editor, CrushTheStreet.com

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