In both volume and price, precious metals and especially gold has caught a major bid in the past several months. What’s driving this year’s gold rush, and why now – are investors suddenly rediscovering gold’s true and enduring value, or is some other factor at work here?

Delving into gold’s recent price spike, Crush the Street dug deep in an exclusive interview with precious metals expert and monetary historian Lynette Zang of ITM Trading, located at We strongly encourage you to read Ms. Zang’s posts on her page at and watch her videos on the popular ITM Trading YouTube channel.

Lynette Zang’s mission is to translate financial noise into understandable language and enable educated, independent choices. Ms. Zang strongly believes that we need to come together as a community to survive and thrive through the hyperinflation that she sees in the near future.

What’s happening in the markets right now, according to Lynette Zang, is that there’s a flight to safety – and gold is the true and ultimate safety asset. We’re seeing a massive sea change on a global basis, and Wall Street – i.e., institutional investors – are rushing to gold.

Courtesy: Lynette Zang

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    According to Lynette Zang, the usual inverse relationship between the stock market and precious metals has been broken: we’re now seeing the unusual phenomenon of the S&P 500 and gold both moving upwards at the same time.

    This is happening because the stock market has ceased to be a true reflection of what’s actually happening in the economy: even at the extremely rich valuations we’re seeing now, there’s an expectation that the major stock indexes will continue to rise regardless of whether gold is going up or not.

    There’s certainly been no shortage of reasons for institutional investors to continue accumulating gold: brinksmanship in Iran, trade conflicts with China, the Brexit crisis… and what we’re witnessing now, according to Lynette Zang, is Wall Street’s recognition that global central banks are hoarding gold for very good reasons.

    There’s much more to be said on the exciting action in the gold and equities markets, and Lynette Zang’s riveting interview with Crush the Street is must-watch viewing for all investors. Also, don’t forget to visit ITM Trading at and read Ms. Zang’s highly informative posts on her page at

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