The domestic and geopolitical bedlam unfolding before our eyes is clear to the astute observer. It accentuates a need for prudent risk management to mitigate the counterparty risk that’s mushrooming at phrenetic speed in financial matters and to ensure the safety of your homestead. Do not depend on the bliss of normalcy bias because nothing was ordinary during yesterday’s disjointed, slurred, and partisan State of the Union (SOTU) address when the U.S. is facing simultaneous existential threats on numerous fronts. I did not envision the current wave of tyranny and despotic gaslighting to emanate from the White House when I published today’s headline collage in 2019 with a caricature of Pelosi.

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“This year’s NH primary faced amplified speculation and scrutiny due to the current state of domestic and geopolitical chaos caused by policies in previous administrations and Biden’s current mob of ineptitude, treachery, and a recessionary economy due to the Bidenomics bust… Despicable lawfare that followed a highly contested 2020 election laced with voter fraud, election interference, and dereliction by politicos and alphabet agencies adds to the significance of this year’s election outcome… If you entertain fantasies that it will miraculously transform into peace among nations, states, politics, ideologies, or family circles, think again.” – TraderStef

Capitol Hill is currently occupied by a bureaucratic coup, and Biden screamed his “disunion” speech in the House Chamber for an hour yesterday peppered with inflammatory political prognoses and numerous campaign narratives devoid of reality. Fact checks by The Federalist documented at least 30 lies and Florida Rep. Greg Steube said Biden was “straight-up lying” to the American public. Fortunately, the Supreme Court unanimously struck down efforts lacking substance by any court or state legislature to remove a presidential candidate from the ballot voting process. In addition to rampant lawfare taking place, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has documented numerous death threats and a home invasion, but the Biden administration flagrantly denies him Secret Service protection. He left the Democratic party in Oct. 2023 after accusing the DNC of rigging the candidate selection process for primary elections, and changed his political affiliation to a third-party independent candidate (has Libertarian views). With favorable polling at above 15%, he is not a long shot, yet legacy media intentionally censors his campaign with sparse coverage.

“He decried ‘corruption’ in both parties. They have compromised the defining democratic principle of one person, one vote through repeated interference in the primary elections. They have hijacked the party machinery and, in recent years, directed the power of censorship onto their political opponents, raising political victory onto the altar in place of honest democracy… RFK Jr. is polling at about 15% in national surveys.’” – New York Post, Sep. 2023

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray has described the trend of ballot lawfare as the radical” left’s latest example of “pure lunacy.” Partisanship in pedestrian spheres is so rampant that black NFL legends are threatening to assault black Trump supporters on national television, but a CNN cohost quickly stepped in with a reality check. Regarding rhetoric over presidential immunity issues in which the Supreme Court scheduled oral arguments to begin on Apr. 22, Whoopi Goldberg chimed in on The View claiming that Biden “could throw every republican in jail” if he had immunity. Last but not least, despite living in the mostly rural “Live Free or Die” state, New Hampshire’s main TV news station has urged joggers to be aware of their surroundings and carry self-defense tools. The crime wave that mirrored an open northern and southern border is seeping into the sticks across New England.

Below is a video excerpt of Biden opining on the border crisis. This is just one example of being heckled during the SOTU address. His administration ignores the legal immigrants that earned or are still in the years-long road to U.S. citizenship status without a handout, the DHS does not enforce current immigration laws, and Biden refuses to shut down the invasion of illegal aliens that only requires a reinstatement of policies he discontinued by executive order three years ago. He barks about needing an immigration bill to mitigate the crises, but that is simply a false narrative.

Joe Biden clashes with hecklers at heated SOTU address – Forbes, Mar. 7

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    How and where to invest your capital and retirement funds, do stock market trading, and prepping your home front urgently require your attention before an untenable situation potentially develops. An escalation toward WW3 due to Western-induced conflict and festering financial risks building since the Great Recession of 2008 (aka the Global Financial Crisis [GFC]) has burgeoned U.S. state government and local municipality debt, and accelerated the national debt amid the “unsustainable fiscal policy” path. Fiscal reality was underscored in 2012 by Laurence Kotlikoff with an NBER working paper, the Independent Institute’s journal in 2015, and it has been reiterated by Jay Powell over the last six years.

    Fed’s Jerome Powell says it’s past time for an ‘adult conversation’ about unsustainable fiscal policy… “It’s rare to see a Fed official discuss politics. The U.S. central bank is supposed to be a nonpartisan, independent institution… ‘We mostly try very hard not to comment on fiscal policy and instruct Congress on how to do their job, when actually they have oversight over us.’ But almost immediately after that statement, Powell criticized lawmakers for effectively ‘borrowing from future generations with unsustainable policies and it’s time for us to get back to putting a priority on fiscal sustainability.’” – Fortune, Feb. 2024

    Here’s a brief summation of yesterday’s bread and circus show on Capitol Hill by Dr. Carol Swain:

    “Here is my summary so far of the SOTU address: genuflect to Ukraine, lies, distortions, attacks, red meat to pro-abortionists, fake economy growth, promises of more free money etc. Same old, same old. By the way, Mike Johnson seems to be having problems with his facial expressions. Too many nods at Biden’s assertions, but at least he isn’t popping up like a Jack in the box.”

    Consider the following two excerpts from the Clusterf*ck Nation blog: 

    The Five Fubars… “The USA is a runaway train with a dead man in the engineer’s seat… More than half the people on-board are at tachycardia levels of fright — some are wailing — but the other less than half just remain fixed on their phones and laptop screens. They can’t be bothered to look out the window. Okay, that’s a metaphor. But if you’re a citizen of our country and care about it, these are the matters you’d better pay attention to, because they are all going off the rails: The war in Ukraine; Next is the border; Lawfare campaign of the Democratic Party; U.S. economy.” – James Howard Kunstler, Mar. 4

    The Fate of the Union… “Also, up front in the show: the regime’s lust to start World War Three by asserting falsely that Russia intends to invade and overrun Europe at any moment, in order to continue justifying our insane proxy war in Ukraine, now on its last legs. Putin Putin Putin is ‘sowing chaos throughout Europe and beyond,’ the president barked to hearty applause, as if anyone in the chamber really believes it. The truth is that our country, now effectively the Intel States of America, has sown all that chaos. The feckless Ukraine project has failed. The end of the Zelensky fake-out is near. The CIA announced it in last week’s Sunday New York Times, and all that’s left to do is cover-up the Biden family’s private racketeering activities in that notorious money-laundry and then somehow escape the massive national humiliation that will ensue when this fiasco is concluded, finalizing America’s loss-of-standing in the world. It’s all on ‘Joe Biden’ and everybody knows it.” – James Howard Kunstler, Mar. 8

    Apparatchiks in legacy media and politicos like Pelosi have fixated on the psychopath who murdered Laken Riley because he was truthfully described as an “Illegal” by Biden instead of “undocumented.” There was zero obsession over that young woman’s actual murder because that is who they are. They’re not of the American ilk that just want back what the U.S. stood for, such as law and order, respect, and honoring the Constitution. Laken’s mother subsequently slammed Biden for fumbling her daughter’s name at the SOTU and said “Biden does not even KNOW my child’s name – pathetic! If you are going to say her name (even when forced to do so) at least say the right name!” Folks are also aghast over the arrest of Gold Star dad Steve Nikoui who was charged with “demonstrating,” after he heckled Biden over his son’s death in the botched withdraw from Afghanistan.

    RFK Jr Comments on Legacy Media Ridiculing Voters

    Rep. Brian Mast Comments on Arrest of Gold Star Dad at SOTU

    Speaker of the House Mike Johnson rebuked Biden’s “hyper-partisan” SOTU and said “the union is in a state of decline and we cannot have four more years of this.”

    I’ll add that the meltdown across mainstream media following Super Tuesday’s primary election results and the SOTU debacle are an indication of how hopelessly divided the populace actually is. Buckle up because the situation will not improve anytime soon. Imagine, if you will, a news headline broadcast nationwide that a small tactical nuclear weapon detonation was detected in the battlespace of eastern Europe or the Middle East. What would be the psychological effect and ramifications for your neighborhood or city vs. your level of preparedness for yourself and family?

    State of the Union Response – Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Mar. 7

    Tucker’s response to Biden’s SOTU rant – Tucker Carlson, Mar. 8

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