Given the recent rush of capital inflow into the cryptocurrency and blockchain space – not to mention the breathtaking price action to the upside for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular digital assets – it’s understandable that investors are eager to know if cryptos have, in fact, found a bottom and are preparing for more gains ahead.

That’s where Crush the Street can provide assistance to investors, as we have access to the greatest minds in crypto and the blockchain. To that end, we took the time to speak with software engineer and successful cryptocurrency investor Nicholas Gregory, who is the CEO of CommerceBlock.

A leader of software engineering projects at major investment banks, Nicholas Gregory left JPMorgan in 2015 to found big data and cryptocurrency consultancy LiquidOcean and develop blockchain applications for vendors.

With Omar Shibli, Nicholas Gregory developed a pay-to-contract protocol known as BIP-175, which will help to encode and secure the $20 billion in B2B, P2P, and other trade transactions expected to be conducted over the blockchain by 2020.

Nicholas’ company, CommerceBlock, builds distributed financial infrastructures across public and permissioned networks. By enabling the distribution, exchange, and storage of tokenized assets and securities, CommerceBlock is enabling the next evolution in financial infrastructure.

Courtesy: Nicholas Gregory

We’ve been getting tons of messages and questions concerning Bitcoin’s recent price action, so Crush the Street made sure to ask Nicholas Gregory for his outlook on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency generally. According to Nicholas Gregory, he expects BTC to hover around the $4,000 to $6,000 level until we see more applications coming in for Bitcoin.

Nicholas likens Bitcoin today to the early days of the Internet, when there was a great deal of promise with Amazon and other start-ups: the Internet as an industry didn’t see much movement until Amazon and similar platforms actually made it easy to purchase things online.

According to Nicholas Gregory, the price movement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will remain speculative until we see more user applications of these tokens. However, we are seeing progress in this area: the Lightning Network payment protocol is advancing by leaps and bounds, we’re seeing more and more applications accepting Bitcoin, and we’re also seeing more cryptocurrency-based custodial services.

We have to bear in mind, according to Nicholas Gregory, that people don’t want to keep their digital assets on an exchange any more than we would want to keep our fiat money in a bank. Fortunately, solutions are being provided to help cryptocurrency investors and users to store their funds off of exchanges.

We’re also seeing more institutional involvement in cryptocurrency and the blockchain, according to Nicholas Gregory, and that gives people more confidence in the product and the technology; this buy-in will be instrumental in bringing crypto adoption to the next level.

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    Courtesy: Nicholas Gregory,

    Sure, there are investors who will be frustrated by the cryptocurrency bear market; after all, a year in crypto is a very long time, comparatively speaking. Therefore, some Bitcoin investors are going to take profits at $6,000 or even at $5,000.

    Nonetheless, the recent bullish price action of Bitcoin will serve to attract positive media attention to cryptocurrency and, in so doing, bring more people into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

    We’ve only given you a sampling of Nicholas Gregory’s insights on cryptocurrency and the blockchain, so you’ll definitely need to view the full presentation of Crush the Street’s interview with Mr. Gregory. Also, be sure to visit Nicholas’s website,, for the latest and best solutions in digital financial infrastructure.

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