Approval of the American people isn’t everything, but it is something. When a commander-in-chief doesn’t have the support of the citizens, trust vanishes and the constitutional tenet of “by the people, for the people” is superseded by agenda-seeking and executive orders.

Thus, the crumbling of Joe Biden’s popularity numbers isn’t just an exercise in mathematics or a point of curiosity. It demonstrates how the current administration is acting without the will of the people, and how out of touch Biden is as American families struggle day-to-day.

For anyone who thinks that Donald Trump was an unpopular president, consider the facts. Even at its worst, Trump’s economic approval rating only fell to 41%. In comparison, Barack Obama’s lowest approval rating on the economy was 37%.

Trump’s worst rating in this category is stellar compared to Joe Biden’s abysmal 30% economic approval rating, just released by CNBC. Of course, this wasn’t anywhere near the top of the page on CNBC’s website, and readers had to do some digging just to find this data.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives, who are facing midterm elections in November. They’re going to have a tough time defending their president now, and keeping their jobs as Americans voice their frustration at the ballot box.

Moreover, in terms of his overall approval rating, Biden’s 36% was one point worse than Trump’s lowest rating. Yet, the economy is top-of-mind among the American people in 2022, as CNBC’s poll found that inflation is, by far, the top concern in the country.

Courtesy: CNBC

It’s understandable that inflation is a major concern for Americans, as it’s affecting their lives in many ways. They’re traveling less, relying on high-interest credit cards to pay the bills, staying at home instead of enjoying a night out at the movies, and even spending less at the grocery store.

Naturally, less consumer spending will have a negative impact on the U.S. economy as the nation’s businesses will struggle with reduced revenues. If Biden’s only saving grace is a seemingly low unemployment rate, this will undoubtedly falter as well since businesses will be forced to impose hiring freezes and layoffs.

The White House might try to spin the data in its favor, but you can’t fool the American people. CNBC’s survey found that 52% of the respondents believe that the economy will get worse over the next year, and just 22% believe it will improve. Astoundingly, both of those figures are worse than those found during the great financial crisis.

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    In addition, more than 6 out of 10 poll respondents expect a recession to occur in the next 12 months. Certainly, an argument could be made that America is already in a recession, even if the government refuses to acknowledge it yet.

    Somehow, liberal politicians in Congress are going to have to convince American voters to prioritize social issues – and agree with their stance on those issues – rather than focus on the economy in November. That’s a tall order as historically, politicians have often been replaced when Americans struggled financially.

    Perhaps the worst thing about all of this is that it could have been prevented. The Biden administration didn’t have to take drastic steps to restrict domestic oil and natural gas drilling, for example. Also, Biden didn’t have to promise to send to much of America’s natural gas to Europe, even while people’s electricity bills are skyrocketing in the U.S.

    Courtesy: CNBC

    The White House also didn’t have to double down on its print-and-spend policy, circulating more dollars in months than would normally have been circulated in years. Increasing the money supply so drastically in 2021 was bound to have consequences. Now, the other shoe is dropping and American families are paying the price.

    Unfortunately for Joe Biden, his gambit that U.S. voters would prioritize his climate change agenda isn’t working out as planned. Today, Biden might regret calling high U.S. gas prices an “important transition” and callously declaring that Americans will face high gas prices “as long as it takes.”

    Will Biden’s tactic of blaming the invasion in Ukraine and denying the reality of a U.S. recession be effective in preventing a conservative takeover in Congress this November? Not likely, though he’ll undoubtedly stay the course even if it causes Biden’s already dismal approval ratings to reach new, shocking lows.

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