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The world is in a situation where there is $75 trillion in global money supply, low-to-near-zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) across the board, an inverted yield curve in the U.S. that is flip-flopping, and $11 trillion of sovereign negative yield bonds with 18 countries on the NIRP list. It all adds up to an upside-down world with more liquidity and more leverage at lower rates.

Global NIRP Yielding Debt courtesy of Zerohedge

On top of that, we’re in a situation where even gold and silver are under extreme duress from multiple forces despite their fundamentally undervalued situation. There is an extreme disconnect between the price of gold and what it should really be. Gold is currently being treated in the markets like a VIP, like Bill Gates getting turned away at a steakhouse because they’re about to close the restaurant. It’s that absurd. 

The lack of efficiency in the gold market that we’ve seen in the last few years cannot be understated, and it’s as frustrating for you and me as it is for the struggling miners getting squeezed for lack of capital in the sector while profits are being skimmed off the top by Wall Street manipulators and others alike.

All of this is pushing the beach ball of opportunity farther beneath the surface of the water that will inevitably be revealed.

Nonetheless, the inevitable is coming and massive profits await…

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    To act like investing in a situation like this is easy would be a complete fool’s errand. It’s nearly impossible to make sound investing decisions from the sidelines without honing in on the most undervalued and mispriced assets in the markets to attempt to capture equity.

    It’s the way the smartest investors in the world operate.

    Let’s talk about a sector that is TRULY growing in real-time…

    Cannabis is smoking hot and extremely early; from the sources I’m speaking to, there are coming catalysts that could completely revolutionize the sectors overnight with simple signatures.

    Last year we witnessed major capital infusions into the American cannabis consumables space from the likes of Altria, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Molson Coors, and Constellation Brands. More recently, Canadian company Canopy Growth Corp. announced a $3.4 billion deal to acquire U.S. cannabis grower Acreage Holdings after cannabis is legalized in the United States.

    Once the risk of criminalization of the sector is completely removed from the top down, there will be an absolute moonshot for these cannabis companies.

    The US is trending towards legalization each and every day.

    There are two important congressional bills in the pipeline that should be a sign for investors.

    1. One is the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act of 2019. This proposal will, if passed, finally allow American canna-businesses access to essential financial services provided by banks, including business loans and credit card payments. Long gone will be the days of legitimate cannabis companies paying their taxes in cold hard cash; they will able to operate side by side like any other legal businesses.
    2. The second bill in congress is the STATES Act, which would provide immunity from federal penalties to businesses and individuals in states where it’s already legal. It’s essentially bringing back the Cole Memorandum, which told federal attorneys not to enforce anti-cannabis laws.

    For my readers out there, I truly feel that there are certain inevitabilities in this world. There is no such thing as being able to ring a bell at the exact moments of every top and every bottom – even though sometimes it does happen. I interviewed Bo Polny of on the exact bottom of gold in 2015, where he called it down to the exact day. But you can’t live off extreme predictions, because you will certainly die. That’s what I can see is imminent. But positioning ourselves in front of the inevitabilities for probable outcomes is key.

    I’m very grateful for my readers and the many contributors and authorities around me that make what we do here possible.

    That’s what we do and will continue to do here at Let’s continue to have a great and thriving year.

    Prosperous Regards,

    Kenneth Ameduri
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