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    You’ve seen the traditional media pundits praising the stock market every day – and declaring that if the markets are up, then the economy must be rock-solid. If you’re skeptical like I am, then you can understand why so many investors are sensing a disconnect between the fantasy-driven markets and the reality of the American economy.

    In search of clues surrounding the real state of the economy and markets, Crush the Street chatted with independent market trader and researcher Alessio Rastani, who is the owner of and the Alessio Rastani YouTube channel, which has more than 180,000 subscribers.

    After the famous dot-com technology crash of 2000, Alessio Rastani sought out some of the best traders in the field to be his mentors. He realized that the only way to good trading was through solid research and the practical learning of market behavior through use of different algorithms and strategies.

    After graduating with a law degree in 2003 and working at many law firms in London, Mr. Rastani quit his 9-to-5 job to become an independent trader and start his own trading research service. Alessio enjoys trading the markets, particularly stocks, currencies, cryptos and commodities, and he provides valuable education on these markets through and his YouTube channel.

    Courtesy: Alessio Rastani

    Mr. Rastani is also a passionate speaker on his favorite topic, chart analysis, and has been invited to speak at trading seminars in London, America, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong. Since 2011, Alessio has been interviewed by a number of notable figures such as Sir David Frost.

    Alessio hosts monthly free online training sessions where he provides the most up-to-date information on trading strategies and chart analysis, as well as a simple blueprint for people who are interested in trading and analysis. In fact, Mr. Rastani was excited to have nearly 1,000 attendees in his most recent webinar.

    Greatly impressed with his market expertise, Crush the Street asked Mr. Rastani   According to Alessio Rastani, there is no correlation between the stock market and the economy – any perceived connection is actually an illusion.

    It’s understandable that people would want to make such a connection, since the mainstream financial media propagates the idea that if the stock market is doing badly then the economy must be bad – and conversely, since the stock market is expensive, then the economy must be doing well.

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      Courtesy: Alessio Rastani

      This is why, according to Alessio Rastani, the mainstream financial media is absolutely useless when it comes to educating the public on why the stock market is going up or down. As Mr. Rastani explains it, successful traders and investors don’t worry about the economic reports, unemployment figures, or GDP statistics that the media publishes.

      Instead, according to Alessio Rastani, the most successful investors make their decisions based on value: they buy a piece of good, profitable company. Meanwhile, the corporate media pundits will tell you that the fundamentals of the economy are strong and therefore there’s no risk of a recession.

      They were saying the exact same thing back in 2007, right before the biggest recession of our lifetime. We even saw it written on the cover of a major financial publication that “this bull market has no expiration date”; whenever you see things like that from mainstream financial journals, according to Alessio Rastani, it’s time to be extra cautious.

      As Mr. Rastani points out, market participants are becoming extremely complacent and too comfortable, and volatility in the stock market has dropped to unusually low levels. And so, according to Alessio Rastani, we’re in exactly the right conditions where we could see something really big happen.

      Courtesy: Alessio Rastani

      Still, Alessio believes the stock market most likely has a bit more upside ahead of it and could retest its previous highs from September. After going slightly higher than that, according to Alessio Rastani, it’s time to brace for impact: that’s when he sees the market going way back down, perhaps even within the next few months.

      Clearly, it’s time to get educated on what’s likely to happen soon in the markets, so you’ll absolutely want to view Crush the Street’s full conversation with Mr. Rastani. While you’re at it, be sure to check out Alessio’s highly educational website,, as well as his popular YouTube channel.

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