A first mover and a trend setter: California is known to explore frontiers while others follow in their footsteps. The cannabis legalization is no exception, as California is home to 40 million residents, 300 million annual visitors, and quite possibly the most robust and dynamic legal cannabis market in the nation.

It’s the taming of the Wild West: extraordinary profit potential if you know how to play it. Seeing the opportunities in this market, Crush the Street sat down for a conversation with California cannabis industry insider Corey Mangold, who co-founded Orchid Ventures, Inc. (CSE:ORCD) with Rene Suarez.

Orchid Ventures is headquartered in Irvine, California and owns Orchid Essentials, an award-winning cannabis brand with THC and CBD product lines currently sold in more than 250 dispensaries across California and Oregon. The company plans to expand the Orchid Essentials brand into new regions such as Nevada, New York, Puerto Rico, Canada and other global markets.

Courtesy: Corey Mangold

A highly successful serial entrepreneur, Mr. Mangold brings over 20 years of experience designing and developing compelling customer experiences across a wide variety of industries. His deep understanding of technology and design – and, of course, the emerging legalized cannabis market – allows him to provide a unique perspective to the Orchid Essentials brand.

Having the chance to speak with Mr. Mangold, Crush the Street was eager to learn more about the huge investment potential to be found in the California legalized cannabis market. According to Corey Mangold, California is a leader in the entertainment industry, so other U.S. states watch and follow the trends set by that state – and that includes the national trends we’re seeing in the cannabis industry.

With over 1 million medical cannabis patients, the California market represents around one-third of the North American cannabis market and is expected to be one of the fastest growing industries in California over the next five years. With such strong growth potential, it’s easy to see why Corey Mangold has chosen to stake his claim in the ongoing California “green gold rush.”

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    Courtesy: Corey Mangold

    According to Corey Mangold, Orchid Ventures is happy to have their primary brand, a line of vaporizers called Orchid Essentials, in California. Corey worked with expert formulators and chemists to build an extraordinary brand with mass-market appeal, and the sales have been remarkable since the June 15 launch.

    Interestingly, according to Corey Mangold, he has found that the female buying demographic has been especially strong with Orchid Essentials; much of that is because it’s a discreet product that fits easily into a purse or handbag, and doesn’t stand out or look like what people might assume would be a cannabis product.

    The result of the Orchid Essentials launch has been a user experience that’s unmatched within the industry. The quality of the materials and the cleanliness of the product are the hallmarks of a premium cannabis vaping experience that only Orchid can provide.

    Courtesy: Corey Mangold

    Furthermore, according to Corey Mangold, the brand loyalty has been remarkable: Orchid has won four advertising awards, and the company is embarking upon a major California expansion that’s both exciting and profitable.

    But it’s not only taking place in California: Orchid Ventures also offers their premium vaporizer products and has established a very loyal consumer base in Oregon; in fact, Orchid’s award-winning premium THC and CBD product lines are sold in almost 300 dispensaries across the two states of California and Oregon – and more states and even other countries are being targeted as the next frontiers for Orchid to conquer.

    Crush the Street is absolutely bullish on this rapidly changing and expanding market, and we invite you to view our full interview with Mr. Corey Mangold for his firsthand knowledge on how cannabis riches are waiting for early investors. Plus, you’ll definitely want to visit OrchidEssentials.com to learn even more about this outstanding company and their best-selling premium cannabis product offerings.

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