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We predicted it, and now it’s happening: 2019 is already proving itself to be a turning point for gold and miners. For investors who are prepared and willing to take action before the real move happens, there’s still time to get in and enjoy the lion’s share of the returns. Still, it’s natural for people to wonder when the big move will take place – and how they can maximize their gains.

Crush the Street discussed this crucial topic with accomplished geologist Eric Saderholm, President and a Director at American Pacific Mining Corp. (CSE:USGD, OTC:USGDF), a gold exploration company focused on building and drilling a portfolio of precious metal projects in the Western United States – after reading this, I highly encourage you to read the full report on this industry-leading company right here.

A true veteran of the metals market, Mr. Saderholm developed his knowledge and reputation in the exploration and development community at Newmont Mining, where he served for 12 years in multiple roles including Exploration Manager for the Western U.S. Altogether, Eric Saderholm has nearly three decades of experience in the minerals industry with leadership roles in exploration, project development, property management, and mining.

Additionally, Eric Saderholm was the Vice President of Project Development at U.S. Gold from August 2006 until early 2008, and served as the President of Western Pacific Resources Corp. from its inception in June 2009 to July 2015. Mr. Saderholm has worked on many large mines and projects, and has been integral to geologic teams that added millions of ounces of gold to reserve bases in Nevada, Washington, and Peru.


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After providing outstanding value to Newmont, Western Pacific, and U.S. Gold, Eric Saderholm now brings his decades of experience and knowledge to American Pacific. It’s a small company with incredible potential, and with his vast knowledge and success in the field, Mr. Saderholm is one of the American Pacific’s greatest assets.

Since Mr. Saderholm has unique insider access to the mining sector, Crush the Street made sure to ask him for his outlook on the gold and mining sectors going forward. According to Eric Saderholm, he believes that gold has legs now and is at a point where it’s going to find a lot of stability – he expects $1,350 to $1,375 to be the price point where buyers will step in.

As is typical in the financial markets, some investors will be hesitant now, as they’ll wait until the move to $1,350 or $1,375 happens before they’re convinced to jump in. As for the sector generally, according to Eric Saderholm, investors can look to small, undervalued companies to capitalize on gold’s bull run this year.

American Pacific is a perfect example, according to Eric Saderholm, as USGD/USGDF shares are cheap now and the company’s market cap is just around $10 to $11 million; as the price of gold moves up, it’s easy to see how shares of American Pacific Mining Corp. will benefit investors to have already taken a long position.

As Mr. Saderholm sees it, gold has two things going for it right now: first, it continues to be a traditional store of wealth and the only monetary instrument that won’t go to zero. Second, there’s a decline in production which is bound to occur in the coming years, according to Eric Saderholm.


Some of the bigger companies have mined their pits almost to extinction, according to Eric Saderholm, to the point where it’s hard to a valuable ounce of gold out of those pits. And so, the next wave of profitable miners will be companies like American Pacific – smaller companies that are willing to mine 250,000 to 500,000 ounces rather than the colossal projects that try to tackle 10 or 15 million ounce projects.

A smaller mining company will have lower overhead and the projects are easier to permit. A case in point would be American Pacific’s flagship project called Tuscarora, which covers around 1,818 acres of high-grade, 100% owned property in a mineral-rich region of Nevada – a compelling reason for Eric Saderholm to join this gold mining up-and-comer.

I learned a great deal about the gold and mining markets during our conversation and I know you will too, so be sure to view Crush the Street’s highly informative interview with Mr. Saderholm in its entirety. And for a rare and exceptional opportunity in the coming gold mining bull market, get your copy of our exclusive report on American Pacific Mining Corp. through this link today.

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