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When I started covering Bitcoin and it was just a few hundred dollars, few anticipated the magnitude and scope of today’s blockchain economy. My recent conversation with cryptocurrency expert Cameron Chell reinforced my core belief that all the evidence points to a spectacular future for the digital tokenization movement.

Cameron is the Chairman and Co-Founder of ICOx Innovations Inc. (TSX.V:ICOX, OTCQB:ICOX), a publicly traded company that creates and manages digital currencies for companies and organizations with established brands. By developing these digital currencies, ICOx empowers innovative brands to grow their business while attracting, engaging, and retaining their customers through the power of blockchain technology.

A serial entrepreneur for over 30 years, Cameron Chell is a company architect who works with teams to commercialize new technology products and services. Mr. Chell has helped lead teams that have designed, built, and commercialized everything from large electronic payment systems to environmentally conscious drilling rigs to earth observation video cameras on the outside of the International Space Station.

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Mr. Chell explained to Crush the Street that in global economic terms, blockchain technology will be very big – even bigger than the Internet. According to Cameron Chell, the blockchain has enabled businesses and individuals to conduct cross-border business regardless of politics or sentiment, with transactions that are immutable and free from the influence of escrow agents and other middlemen.

What Cameron Chell sees is a world in which big businesses and organizations want their own branded digital currency; Facebook is a perfect example of this, as they’re seeking to reduce their transaction costs as well as to reward Facebook users for responding to ads and sharing their data.

According to Cameron Chell, Facebook doesn’t want to move towards a traditional PayPal-style payment system, which could incur negative publicity as users might view it as a “cash grab” to collect more fees along with Facebook users’ data – and the last thing Facebook needs now is another data-privacy scandal.

Crush the Street invites you to view our complete interview with Cameron Chell for the full story on how the blockchain will transform and supercharge the global economy in the coming years, and why more companies are doing what Facebook is doing: looking to the blockchain as a payment solution that offers enhanced trust, transparency, security, and data privacy.

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