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It’s been a similar story for centuries, but now enough is enough: the rich compound and reinvest while the average worker lives from paycheck to paycheck.

At a certain point, the population will revolt. We’re seeing this happen to various degrees with millennials turning into socialists, something unfathomable to the WW2 generation because of a lopsided system that continues to squeeze the poor and middle class drier than a rock.

Over the years, we’ve seen the population lose over 90% of its purchasing power in government-issued currencies. Combined with longer working hours just to preserve living standards, an unfair system has developed.

Since the end of the second World War, the United States has been in an economic bubble. With the entire rest of the world in utter dismay, we’ve seen the rise of corporate America and the American machine was born.

If one looks from the outside at the Western economies, the delusion becomes evident. The last 60 years would appear as a financial paradise: rising stock markets, banks lending out “infinite” money, and let us not forget the house prices of today in comparison to when baby boomers were just starting out!

The baby boomers have ridden a rising wave of debt that millennials will be invoiced for. Here is the immediate gratification expensed at a lower standard of living for at least the next two generations:

Despite numerous pullbacks and a combination of decade-long mini-cycles, it’s safe to say the “everything bubble” has created a sense of financial delusion deep into the tooth of this decade-long bull market in stocks…

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    It’s Policies of the Central Banks and Governments That are Padding the Pockets of the Wealthy…

    We live in a world of crony capitalism that is NOT free-market, which has been triggering a global wealth gap. 

    Currencies such as the U.S. dollar no longer retain the purchasing power once held a century ago. People work more for less, and as a result, the price of assets has slowly escaped the grasp of the public.

    The ultra-rich control the capital, including the global work force, paying minimum wage and offering pensions that are ravaged by inflation, stocks, real estate, and more.

    For the wealthy and those positioned into this everything bubble, unsustainably rising real estate prices continue to fuel the bubble. But as I’ve seen first-hand in different parts of the world, housing prices have risen 70% while wages remain stagnant, barely keeping up with inflation and adding to the difficulty for millennials to acquire property.

    With the corporate financial stranglehold over the workforce, the Western world’s middle class can no longer push the economy forward. We saw the warning signs in 2008, but with each financial crisis, the monetary elite gain greater advantage and larger positions in an economy that they now own and control.

    The ULTRA-RICH Know the Secrets 

    It’s shocking how the 1% obtains the global wealth; note how the 2008 crisis was the biggest loss of wealth for the 90%, yet the 1% preserve theirs…

    There’s a reason why schools don’t teach children about investing: the elites don’t want you to know how they control your wealth and the economy that you earn money in.

    To add to this, in many cases, the best investments are for those that are already rich or “accredited.”

    Mainstream media has lost all credibility and is notoriously known for telling the public the DIRECT OPPOSITE of what the insiders are doing, such as to avoid precious metals, blindly pour money into FAANG stocks, and constantly berate contrarian investments like Bitcoin.

    Here at Crush The Street, we help people achieve their financial goals and provide an honest source of information on the latest trends and highlight strategies that can help you preserve and compound your wealth for the long-term.

    The blunt truth that you won’t hear on the news is that the global economy is fragile, brittle, and has an inaccurate valuation WITH NOTHING BACKING IT except new wars.

    Contrarian investors may be the only ones left thriving when history catches up with the world’s debt-run economy, and while the masses and central bank-biased media shun any form of free-thinking, here at Crush The Street, we will continue to think outside the box!

    I will have a portfolio plan for my readers on Thursday that will be a MUST-READ piece…

    Prosperous Regards,

    Kenneth Ameduri
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