Dear Reader,

As we’re prepared for here at, the crypto winter is seemingly over.

During 2018, we witnessed the crypto community dramatically dwindle, with the mainstream losing interest and missing out on the opportunities to buy really low.

Bitcoin, along with the rest of the crypto space, has surged back with a vengeance, and I’m glad that we’re spring-loaded to the upside.

We have been fortunate to be early in the crypto game in 2012 and into the 2017 bull market. We’re also fortunate to have been selling during the euphoria and then rebuilding our position during the crypto winter. But I couldn’t help but resonate and laugh at what Cameron Winklevoss had to say about the current run-up.

Hindsight is 20/20. People will write books about the psychology of trading and what we are seeing in crypto in these early days. I might even write that book since this topic is something I battle with personally and deal with regularly with readers and others I interact with.

It’s a beautiful sight to see Bitcoin surface as a dominator and really prove itself to the world with adoption and price. Without a rising price, we wouldn’t be seeing the adoption take place. And without adoption, we wouldn’t be seeing prices rise. Both of these concepts are co-dependent.

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    A VERY REAL Player Gets Serious About Blockchain

    For many skeptics, the idea of crypto/digital currencies is really starting to become a very real trend.

    Even RUSSIA is now discussing a gold-backed cryptocurrency – for all of the right reasons, too: immutability, autonomy, hedging against other fiat currencies, and staying relevant with the trends.

    The idea of crypto isn’t being berated like Monopoly money the way it was in its earlier days, and we know countries like Russia and China have been accumulating gold at record paces. Why blame Russia for wanting more flexibility and greater autonomy for their people? 

    However, the potential of cryptocurrencies is still widely overlooked, and the implications of money 2.0 could change the entire financial and geopolitical structure as we know it!

    Is This Why the East is Buying More Gold Than Ever Before?

    Certain governments and central banks are smarter than we give them credit for. Since the 2008 crisis, the East has been accumulating gold quietly and steadily. Take a look at Russia’s accumulation of gold over the past number of years…

    China and Russia, the two dominant members of the BRICS group, are obtaining gold at record levels. Central banks across the globe are doing the same. Is this being done for the general population’s benefit?

    Not a chance, but for those willing to be realistic, the thirst for gold and silver subtlety highlights a lack of confidence in the current monetary system, which just so happens to be led by the U.S. dollar.

    Don’t let your brain shut down here because this is the future!

    Gold-backed cryptocurrencies marry the greatest strengths of both the blockchain and tangible precious metals: immutable ledgers that are independent of corruption enable governments opting out of the U.S.-led system to send and receive wealth without interference from centralized authorities, such as the IMF or SWIFT.

    Countries are demanding their sovereignty and wanting to create independence from reliance on the U.S. and the IMF.

    It wouldn’t be a stretch to conceive wars being fought over countries opting out of the dollar in favor of crypto, gold-backed tokens, or other competing currencies, as we’ve seen time and time again in our history.

    What we’re witnessing globally should be a nudge for everyone reading this piece today: if you haven’t bought any gold yet, buy some gold. I know it has been a long, drawn-out bear market, but past performance is no indicator of future returns, and in the case of gold, this could mean explosive upside.

    If you haven’t learned about and bought into crypto yet, I would consider looking into this, as I think it’s becoming more and more clear that it will certainly be part of the future.

    In the end, don’t live in hindsight. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second-best time is now.

    Prosperous Regards,

    Kenneth Ameduri
    Chief Editor,

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