Seasoned investors know that stock market investing involves a ton of research and long periods of waiting: it’s not always an exciting ride to riches. But the research and the waiting always pay off big-time when a stock suddenly goes vertical; this might seem like a random occurrence, but Crush the Street is able to spot the ones that are ready to make a big move. That’s why we spend so much time reading charts, sifting through data, and networking with market insiders.


The Crush the Street experts have been doing their due diligence and gathering data on a particular company within the healthy beverages industry, which is expanding very quickly now. Times are changing, and people aren’t willing to just drink plain water anymore; yet, they also don’t want to put junk in their bodies. Soft drinks filled with sugar and caffeine were once a dietary staple, but the traditional soda business is suffering because consumer habits are shifting:

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Unhealthy soft drinks just aren’t in fashion anymore, and consumers insist on a better alternative for themselves and for their families. People are becoming more mindful and they’re looking for a cleaner, more healthful option in their beverages. Meanwhile, investors in the old-fashioned soft-drink market will need to find another place to park their capital if they want reliable yield in the coming months and years.

The best move that investors can make today is to move their money into a company and a stock that will expand with the growing healthy beverages market. It should be a company with a large distribution network and a wide offering of tasty beverages with natural ingredients for today’s mindful consumer. Crush the Street has uncovered the only company that fits this description perfectly: KOIOS Beverage Corp. (CSE:KBEV, OTC:SNOVF).

Chris Miller, the Founder and CEO of KOIOS, created the company out of the huge need he saw in the marketplace for sustainable and earth grown products that could enhance human productivity, ultimately reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the United States and Canada within the first three years of operation. With KOIOS, Mr. Miller is involved in crafting company culture, executing the vision, and driving high-level marketing and sales efforts. Clearly he is succeeding, as KOIOS is now uniquely positioned to take advantage of the natural beverages markets.

Our analysis has proven that KOIOS has a set of competitive advantages to take this company to the top: niche products in high-growth categories, diverse product lines, expanding retail presence, a low market multiple, and the capacity to sell to major retailers, natural food chains, and sports nutrition chains, thus providing the opportunity for over 100,000 locations. All told, their sales team projects that KOIOS can attain 1,200 new accounts over the next 15 months.

Yet another competitive advantage is the fact that KOIOS offers an array of beverages with a proprietary blend of nootropics. These nootropics are supplements or other substances that improve cognitive function – specifically executive functions, memory, creativity or motivation in healthy individuals. Along with improving memory enhancement, nootropics are also commonly used to improve or treat mood and depression, attention and focus, anti-aging, enhanced sleep and reduce anxiety.

KOIOS also has a terrific distribution model, with availability through major retailers like 7-11, Gold’s Gym, Conoco, and Amazon:

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To reach an even larger consumer base, KOIOS has announced a new line of nootropic products, including a nutritional instant mix powder and daily-use capsule. The addition of these new products enables KOIOS to reach a broader audience and target a whole new demographic of customers.

This is immensely encouraging for investors because now consumers can enjoy KOIOS’s products in multiple forms. With the same winning formula as the company’s low-calorie, nutritionally dense beverages, the instant mix powders and daily-use capsules provide consumers with the option of absorbing the active ingredients very quickly and conveniently. As CEO and Founder Chris Miller explains, “These products are in line with our mission: to give people access to a healthier alternative to energy drinks, caffeine and unnatural ingredients.”

Natural, organic, clean, and healthy: much like the company itself, the product offerings of KOIOS Beverage Corp. have all the ingredients of a blockbuster success. To get in before KBEV/SNOVF stock shares go vertical, take your position now and enjoy the ride as KOIOS goes straight to the top.


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