Bitcoin to $50,000 and Beyond! readers made fortunes investing in Bitcoin after we covered Bitcoin at $11 in 2012.

While the sector was going parabolic, we were taking profits and solidifying gains into real estate, stocks, and precious metals.

Over the next 12 months, I will be dollar-cost averaging back into Bitcoin with my remaining profits to have 3 times as many bitcoins as I did during the historic 2017 bull run.

This is my strategy to have a massive showing for when Bitcoin does make its way to $50,000.

What we are seeing now is how smart investors turn small investments into massive fortunes.

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The majority of people say they would like to buy low and sell high. What markets convince people to do is buy high and sell low.

Expect a very exciting ride as we dig our heels into Bitcoin as we close out 2018 and enter 2019!