This is IT!

Put your rally caps on because after last week’s monstrous triple-digit winner, the appetite for more gains is here. I’m putting my reputation on the line for this one, and I think this is one that could literally change lives.

Global Markets and Currency Trends Briefing: 9/6/16

Global Markets and Currency Trends Briefing: 9/6/16 by Samuel Taube, Investment U Research Team Tuesday, September 6, 2016 Market Trends This week saw a number of jarring changes on the world economic stage. Some should ultimately be good news for investors... Others, not so much. Brazilians said tchau to former President Dilma Rousseff... South Korea’s monolithic shipping firm Hanjin declared bankruptcy... and the Nigerian economy - the largest in Africa - took a turn for the worse. The causes of all three events have been building for some time now. Let’s start with the scandal in Brazil... Brazil Gets a New President, Impeaches Rousseff You have to give the country credit. Brazil did an impressive job with the Olympics this summer, in spite of everyone’s doubts. But now the spotlight is off of them. And ..

YouTube Strips Politically Incorrect Videos of Revenue: “Controversial Subjects Like War, Tragedy”

This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Editor’s Comment: This is chilling. More subtle than other forms of censorship, this Google/YouTube policy is stripping away the honest debate about some of the most important and controversial topics that are going on in our world. How can people not be allowed to discuss – or especially to criticize – the failed and flawed policies that are dragging us to war? How can it be OK for Secretaries of State an..