We Called It, and It’s On FIRE!

Technology and Governments Are Signaling For AI

Yesterday I announced my latest pick, Globalive, and it is on fire. This is a company I fully expect to deliver for us as investors surrounded by an incredibly prosperous trend.

Recommendation: Globalive Technology (TSXV: LIVE & US: LVVEF)

Dear Reader,

Computer chips and technology in 2018 are literally down to the atomic level. It seemed physically impossible to advance computer science down to any smaller more efficient components, but then comes quantum computing. Science has gone beyond physics with quantum computing which has now opened up the computational potential to seemingly endless opportunities that otherwise seemed finite.

Technology is going to continue to press on, and machine learning will mean machine earning; the more computers know and can adapt and infer, the higher skilled jobs these machines can fulfill.

It’s not only technology that will signal for advancements in AI, but governmental bodies with demographic problems will have no other choice but to incentivize robotics to serve in the workforce.

The “one child” policy in China, for instance, is coming around to haunt them. China’s aging more quickly than the authorities imagined, with shortages of workers, students, and babies set to worsen alarmingly.

In 1987, the number of births was 25.3 million, 8 million more than last year. That means that by 2047, there will be 8 million fewer Chinese consumers aged 30 than there are now.

A quarter of China’s population will be over 60 in 2030, compared with about 16% in 2015. Conversely, the working-age population — those aged between 15-59 — will be 80 million fewer in 2030 than in 2015.

Many people aren’t anticipating this, but I fully believe that deficient workforces are going to be squared up with robots to fill jobs and earn income that was otherwise filled by humans. Instead of depending on a new generation of people to attempt to support the aging generations, robots will fill these gaps.

AI is the future and is going to develop in ways that we have yet to fully grasp…

It’s for these reasons and many more that I’m very bullish on AI and suggesting that my readers consider accumulating shares of Globalive Technology (TSXV: LIVE).

Anthony Lacavera is a very serious entrepreneur and developing joint ventures that I’m expecting to be huge game-changers for us as investors, which I told you I would share about in today’s write-up.

Globalive is helping high-growth companies create and deploy AI-focused, blockchain-enabled technology.

Joint Venture #1: One of the first announced joint ventures they are developing is with Eigen Innovations, helping them use blockchain technology to accelerate and train AI software to massively increase manufacturing assembly line efficiency and eventually lead to “lights out” manufacturing.

Through its blockchain technology empowering AI, Globalive is planning to help manufacturers refine their process and predict outcomes. Eigen’s target market is focused on the big automotive manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, and Tesla.

  • Real-time defect detections
  • Correction and eradication
  • Next generation of manufacturing processes

Joint Venture #2: Globalive is developing a 50/50 partnership with Coinsquare…Coinsquare is already a major player in the cryptocurrency world. With over 100,000 users, Coinsquare will now expand into Europe, starting in the U.K.

Globalive Technology plans to roll out using Coinsquare’s proven platform under the company and branding “GT Direct,” with an exclusive partnership to help them expand globally.

Joint Venture #3: Flexiti

This alone is reason enough to invest in Globalive, in my opinion.
They are using AI and blockchain tech to adjudicate loans, reduce bad debt, and enable merchants to upsell and build customer loyalty.

This is software that could immediately be licensed out to all the big names, like American Express, Visa, and ultimately, even the debit card system.

Joint Venture #4: VIDL News – Replaces traditional news sources and paves the way for trustworthy, decentralized content!

VIDL plans to create a new paradigm in the creation of non-partisan news, relying on fully-automated analytics to track and verify accurate breaking news.

I hope you’re starting to see where this is going. For years, we’ve heard from Bitcoin enthusiasts that the blockchain will change everything, but no one outside of IBM has truly done anything to implement this revolution until now!

Joint Venture #5: Civic Connect – A software company that enables municipalities to create their own smart city applications.

Think traffic management, water, and energy coordination using AI and blockchain!

Joint Venture #6: ACORN – In-home DNA collection and analysis to help you test and capitalize on future cell therapies.

Joint Venture #7: FutureVault – A company that is developing intelligent security to protect your highly-sensitive personal information.

We could be part of history with the potential for Globalive to become a pure, dominating artificial intelligence/blockchain company.

Prosperous Regards,
Kenneth Ameduri
Chief Editor, CrushTheStreet.com

Editor’s Note: We noticed that Globalive itself has prepared a helpful summary of how big brokerages like TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, Scottrade, Schwab, and Fidelity trade TSX Venture stocks once they have them in their system.

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