Waters of a great bull run are being stirred…

Today, I want to introduce my readers to a mining magnate – a real rock star in the industry of precious metals and someone who has a proven track record of WINNING.

It’s important to understand how vital it is to be partnered with the right people, especially in mining. Only 1 in 3,000 discoveries ever go into production. Not even 1 in 1,000 geologists ever make a discovery, but the ones that do go on to make 2, 3, 4, and more discoveries. The odds of failure are high, but if you find a gem, treasure it.

Rick Mark, of Harvest Gold (TSXV: HVG & US: HVGDF), is someone I want you to get to know REAL well because in the resource sector, he’s a true gem.

Rick Mark has a history of turning small investments into fortunes. He did this when taking VMS Ventures from a $0.06 stock to over $1.60 for a 25-bagger on a discovery drill play. He later took North American Nickel from $0.06 to over $0.60 on another discovery drill success. The current share price of Harvest Gold is around $0.08, eerily mimicking a level near where the last two 10-bagger runs were born.

Investment Alert: I want my readers to immediately consider owning shares of Harvest Gold (TSXV: HVG & US: HVGDF). Nothing brings me more joy than unveiling opportunities to my readers, and I have a feeling this one will be special.

In my opinion, the thrill of discovery, especially with this micro-cap play, is completely irrespective of gold at $1,200 or $2,000. Although, let’s be honest, if we see gold at $2,000, which I personally feel is only a matter of time, the leveraged upside in a micro-cap play like Harvest Gold could literally turn small investments into game-changing fortunes.

This is exactly why I’m investing my own money into this exciting exploration play.

A strategic partnership has been formed between Harvest Gold and Evrim Resources. Evrim is coming off of two major discoveries on different projects and looking to roll this momentum into the joint venture that these two companies have in the Cerro Cascaron project.

The same geologist, Alain Charest, who just enriched shareholders of Evrim Resources through these previous discoveries, will be heading up the drilling of this new project on behalf of Harvest Gold and its shareholders, which own the rights to Cerro Cascaron in Mexico.

This is the first time Evrim has ever entered into a joint venture agreement with a junior (Harvest Gold), and in the favor of early shareholders, this could prove to be a very synergistic partnership.

Alain Charest and Evrim management believe there is vast potential for a new discovery at Cerro Cascaron.

Evrim President and CEO Paddy Nicol welcomed the partnership of Harvest Gold because they understand that Harvest Gold will be aggressive in its approach and highly motivated to add shareholder value by delivering results.

For the FIRST time ever, the Cerro Cascaron project is going to be drilled in late September into early October, and the possibility for an explosive shock to the market is exactly what we are looking for.

This project has incredible high-grade gold and silver resources from previous samplings in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Mexico.

After a great deal of due diligence and scouring of the markets, my confidence is in these two management teams to pull through for us as shareholders. I can’t think of any other 8-cent junior stock that I would prefer to have my money on going into an aggressive drilling season.

Fortune is going to favor the bold all day long.

Partnering with Rick Mark here as we enter the fall of 2018 with a highly anticipated drilling program is exactly where I want to be.

I love investing in opportunities that are under the radar, and I believe this is something special.

I need everyone to understand that we have the opportunity to get into a deal as early investors with a stock that trades at 8 cents, giving the total market cap of the company a highly undervalued price of $5 million.

For leveraged exposure to the rising price of gold and the thrill of discovery, IMMEDIATELY begin your research on Harvest Gold (TSXV: HVG & US: HVGDF).

Be sure to check back for a one-on-one interview with myself and the one and only Rick Mark of Harvest Gold as we discuss the nuts and bolts of the company and why this could honestly be the most exciting 8-cent junior stock to own in 2018.

The time to be looking into Harvest Gold (TSXV: HVG & US: HVGDF) is now!

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