The Walls are Coming Down Globally for Cannabis Restrictions

What I have today could very well be my last MAJOR trend alert this decade!

Folks who waited too long to buy Amazon or Google stock missed out big-time and would now have to pay over $1,000 per share for these stocks.

In 2019, I’m backing the truck up on this specific cannabis company, which is arguably one of the most undervalued, globally-diversified vehicles in the investment space at the moment. However, I don’t expect this company to stay under the radar for too much longer, which is why I’m introducing it to you first.

The legalization of cannabis is now a globally-encompassing phenomenon.

The takeover is happening state by state and nation by nation, and the floodgates are opening for businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors as the stigma formerly attached to cannabis is now being replaced with heavy consumer demand.

In 2012, we profiled Bitcoin for the first time at $11, where my readers saw a 180,000% return.

On March 18, 2008, we were on record as having predicted the entire financial meltdown: AIG, credit default swaps, subprime crisis, the whole nine yards.

We are preparing for an EPIC closeout to an incredible decade for a trend alert that is just getting started!

Gain access here for the details on what I see as the most strategic, globally positioned cannabis play in the world.

I’m very SERIOUS; we will never get an opportunity like this again! This is the end of a prohibition.

This space needs to be taken very seriously.