A unique guest today, Max talks about his book and focus on anonymous actions being the base to our freedom today. He makes a strong case that gun ownership freedom is only as free as our ability to hold our information private. If the government gets any dirt on us they can use the threat of violence to silence us, for this reason maintaining free, open and secure private communication is extremely important.

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01:40 Massive Privacy Violations Since World War 2
03:45 What’s the End goal after guns confiscated?
06:00 The Fundamental Right is to Remain Anonymous
06:40 Guerilla Warfare is Very Effective, Gun Rights
09:15 Ability to Communicate Just Important as Guns
11:00 Cashless Society Push: Bitcoin a Game Changer
14:10 Government tracking financial transactions
17:10 Don’t use Google? Anti Data Centralization
20:00 Solutions with anonymous technology
22:00 Max’s Book, Thieves Emporeum & fighting back