The ultimate bitcoin expert Trace Mayer is with us with his predictions on the effects of the block reward halving quickly approaching in early July. This restriction of supply will likely send the price soaring to new highs; we’ve already seen the 2-year high break recently.

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02:30 Bitcoin Up Over $100 & 25% in 1 month
05:30 China’s Role in Bitcoin: Are they Taking Over?
07:10 Bitcoin Adoption Growing Worldwide; Especially Places Like Argentina & Venezuela
11:00 Bitcoin Growing in Africa As well by lowering currency transfer fees
13:00 What if a Country wants to Hold Bitcoin? Where could it go in 5-10 Years?
17:00 Huge Returns Expected for Bitcoin, Biggest Wealth Transfer in World History
19:50 Block Reward Halvening; What this means for Price, etc.
23:00 $2,500 Bitcoin Soon? Price Always Spikes when Supply Disruption Happen in Bitcoin
29:00 Where to Get More from Trace & His Final Thoughts

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