It’s no exaggeration to say that gold ownership has been rough for the past year. After multiple glimmers of optimism in 2016 and 2017, when the turnaround in gold seemed promising, 2018 has frustrated many precious metals investors. Even this year, when the price of gold exceeded $1,350 per ounce, hopes were dashed as the price fell below $1,200.

Investors are wondering what to make of this, so Crush the Street spoke with precious metals authority Rick Mark, President and CEO of Harvest Gold Corp. (TSX.V:HVG, OTC:HGVDF), located on the web at Committed to finding properties with significant gold and silver ore prospects, Harvest Gold Corp. pursues top-quality projects using today’s most up-to-date exploration technologies in the hands of a highly experienced and successful geological team.

Mr. Mark has over 30 years of experience in the public marketplace and has held leadership positions in various organizations over the last 40 years. During his tenure in the public company space, Rick has taken responsibility for securing financings, developing short- and long-term corporate goals, building cost-effective property development plans, creating effective communication platforms, and overseeing regulatory functions. All told, Rick Mark has led efforts to raise over $85 million in the last 15 years.

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Since Rick is deeply involved in the precious metals markets, Crush the Street  took the opportunity to ask for his thoughts on gold in the current environment. According to Rick Mark, the market is behaving badly and it isn’t connected to the traditional drivers of the price of gold. However, there are plenty of opportunities in the metals and miners space.

Even with the price of gold lagging, according to Rick Mark, the senior gold companies still need gold. Thus, explorers can thrive in this market environment: the supply needs of gold will drive the big companies to look at the smaller explorers – which is why the timing for Harvest Gold Corp. is so favorable right now.

With some investors showing concern that gold prices could revisit the lows of December 2015, we asked Mr. Mark what gold needs to resume a confirmed bull market trajectory. According to Rick Mark, traditionally it takes some kind of disaster, and currently the U.S. dollar is the driver: as long as the dollar is strong, gold is struggling.

But that’s not going to slow Harvest Gold Corp. down at all. Indeed, the firm will be focusing on exploration and discovery drilling this fall, and they’ll let the gold price take care of itself.

That’s what makes this such a ripe opportunity: regardless of the price of gold, Harvest Gold Corp. is a sheer value play among junior gold mining firms. Investors get to take a position in a company with a drill-ready project known as Cerro Cascaron, located in Mexico’s highly productive Sierra Madre region.

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This is the very first time the Cerro Cascaron project has been drilled; according to Rick Mark, the project is in a mine-laden belt in Mexico, and the drilling is set to begin in late September/early October. The property hosts numerous high-grade gold and silver showings, eight of which have been identified to date, and the company’s first-mover status gives Harvest prime access to the most important gold and silver deposits in the district.

Crush the Street’s interview with Mr. Rick Mark contains valuable information on the metals and mining market, and how you can capitalize on this rare opportunity with and shares of HVG/HGVDF. We also would like to direct your attention to Crush the Street’s invaluable reports, which include our guide to gold and silver investing, our top three steps you can take to protect yourself from the death of the U.S. dollar, and our report on aggressive wealth accumulation and cash-stacking hacks.