The third quarter of 2018 provided a slew of positive catalysts for the cannabis decriminalization movement in the U.S., but one event seems to have gotten buried by the corporate media. Just how significant is December’s passage of the Farm Bill, and what does are its implications for the hemp and CBD markets?

Crush the Street spoke in depth about these issues with Kristen Nichols, Editor of Hemp Industry Daily, where she leads coverage of the hemp and CBD industries. With all the latest B2B industry news, trends, and stories that are critical to the development and commercial applications of hemp in the U.S. and abroad, Hemp Industry Daily can easily be found at

Kristen Nichols has covered the cannabis industry for almost 10 years and has a deep background covering agriculture before that. Kristen believes that the hemp industry is like the early days of legal marijuana – there’s a lot of confusion about what is legal, and a lot of folks whose passion for the plant blinds them to political and market realities.

Prior to serving as the Editor at Hemp Industry Daily, Ms. Nichols worked at the Associated Press for nearly 20 years. Kristen started covering the marijuana legalization movement in 2009, when medical stores started popping up around Denver, and she wrote about the state’s first legal hemp harvest. Kristen Nichols also covered agriculture and politics in Maryland as well as her home state of Georgia.

Courtesy: Kristen Nichols


Crush the Street queried Ms. Nichols on just how impactful the passage of the Farm Bill is going to be on the hemp and CBD industries. And according to Kristen Nichols, the President’s signing of the Farm Bill into law in December 2018 is nothing less than absolutely seismic.

In fact, according to Kristen Nichols, the Farm Bill represents the biggest change to American drug policy in about five decades. In effect, the Bill is taking one product of cannabis (namely, hemp) out of the Controlled Substances Act, where it’s been since 1971.

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    The effect of this, according to Kristen Nichols, is that it will unleash enormous opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers. Scientists and the public are now going to find out more about what the cannabis plant can really do, as hemp is an extremely useful plant product.

    Hemp, which is defined as the part of the cannabis sativa plant with less than 0.3% THC content and therefore should not produce intoxicating effects when consumed, has a long history of use in America. According to Kristen Nichols, hemp was used by some of the country’s Founding Fathers, and it was a major global commodity before the Industrial Revolution.

    Hemp as a plant is prized because it has strong fibers and grows very quickly – and beyond its industrial uses, hemp yields cannabidiol or CBD, which has engendered a fast-growing global market. CBD products have very low amounts of THC, according to Kristen Nichols, and they may have therapeutic benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties.

    Courtesy: Kristen Nichols


    Farmers across the nation are also expected to accrue benefits from the passage of the Farm Bill. According to Kristen Nichols, farming are looking for a hedge against declining commodity prices in crops like corn, wheat, and soybeans. Right now, American farmers are sitting on billions of dollars’ worth of soybeans, which they’re not sure they can sell to China due to uncertainty in the markets.

    Meanwhile, farmers in states like Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia are looking for an alternative crop to tobacco. Hemp grows extremely well in these tobacco states, so the passage of the Farm Bill is a much-needed windfall for the farming industry today.

    It’s a seismic change indeed, and Kristin Nichols makes a very compelling case for hemp- and CBD-related investments in 2019. To get even more insights from Ms. Nichols, make sure that you check out her interview with Crush the Street as well as the up-to-the-minute hemp-focused articles at

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