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    We have our very own editor TraderStef as our guest today, in this informative interview we cover the rising property prices and the unaffordability problem many first time buyers face.
    With Geopolitical tensions across the globe create an unstable global economy we gain insights on Saudi Arabia, North Korea and China.
    Also discussed is the current overview on the US Dollar and Gold markets.

    To get more from Stef:

    03:00 Unaffordability is the new norm in the Housing Market
    09:00 House prices are beyond the 2008 bubble
    11:00 House prices in 2018/2019
    13:50 FED Share and why are the Stock Markets going up?
    18:00 Saudi Arabia’s Geo-Political influence over the global markets
    25:00 How dangerous are North Korea?
    28:30 USD Weekly
    35:00 Gold market analysis
    44:00 Will we see a Bitcoin style breakout with Gold?
    46:50 Where to find TraderStefs work and closing insights