Our favorite geopolitical analyst is back as promised to discuss the situation post-Trump inauguration. Mike details some straight shooting predictions on how Trump vs NWO could play out, you won’t want to miss some of his statements “when George Soros goes broke”, “still prosecute Hillary Clinton” and “likely assassination attempt before his 1st term is up.” Incredible interview, incredible guest and his analysis.

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01:30 Trump’s Presidency & BREXIT is Killing NWO Plan
03:30 George Soros Funding Protests to Overthrow USA
04:30 Trump is unifying Republicans with Libertarians
06:00 Economic Crash: Michael’s predictions in coming years
07:00 When George Soros goes Broke, the Protests will Stop
07:20 NWO One World Government plans are failing
08:00 Corporate media continues to lie & lose credibility
10:20 2017 to be Rise of Independent media, Failure of MSM
11:20 Media lie about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd
13:20 Mike Urging independent media to be Professional & Grow
14:40 FBI Director James Comey to remain: No Hillary for Prison?
17:00 Explaining Trump Draining the Swamp: Future of our Nation
18:35 Donald Trump Inaugural Speech: America, You were Screwed!
19:20 Trump Signs out of TPP, anti-establishment threats
20:20 NWO Scared, Assassination attempt in next 4 years
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