Gary, one of our favorite guests gives us another great interview with a precious metal focus, as well as the general world economy and he reveals some hard facts on long term cycles relating to a big market crash coming and gold & silver’s next huge bull market potential. Make sure to lookup our last interview with gary on his book & the Fort Knox gold if you enjoy this one!

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Gary Christenson’s Twitter: @DeviantInvestor

01:15 Our last interview with Gary is a must see
02:00 Gold bullish in unstable economy; many predict chaos
05:20 Living on borrowed time: East has the Gold, West sucks
06:40 Chinese yuan being added to the IMF SDR basket, why?
08:30 Long-Term cycles predict gold/silver rally & stock market crash
11:25 Rates, Central Banks buying stocks, even gold stocks!
15:10 Waiting for the next crash; next month, next year or 5 years?
17:45 Mining Stocks & More: How to invest in this environment
20:25 Get more from Gary, final thoughts