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    Surgeon turned entrepreneur and wealth preserver is on the show today to give millenials a breathe of fresh air and some resources for dealing with the crashing US economy and stock market which is currently experiencing irrational exuberance.

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    02:00 Introduction to Buck Joffrey, Surgeon & Investor
    02:40 Robert Kiyosaki’s influence, Assets, Perpetual Income
    03:45 After making Millions, What do you Do with it?
    06:00 Dow Industrial Average All-Time-High Optimism
    07:00 Irrational Exuberance: Trump can’t fix Immediate Issues
    09:10 160 Million People on US Government Welfare Programs
    10:10 Where to make tremendous wealth in tremendous crisis
    12:00 Hard Assets: Real Estate vs Interest Rates
    17:20 Interest vs Cap Rate for Real Estate Loans
    18:30 More on Wealth Formula Business, Investor Club
    20:45 Gold is Money; Rising in Inflationary Environment
    23:00 Personal lending with Soft Money
    26:10 Investing with a Tax Advantage
    28:10 Millenials, how to proceed forward in the Economy

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