In this insightful interview Paul Rosenberg from discusses Bitcoin and the capabilities of the innovative payment network, Paul gives his educated opinions on how much Bitcoin and similar technology will disrupt the current monetary system and begin a wave of innovation.
Paul compares the advantages of Gold and Bitcoin, and the underlying reason why Bitcoin is more than just code and mathematical algorithms but an alternative for usage outside the system.

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01:35 Are We In a Bitcoin Bubble?
02:15 Advantages of Bitcoin
04:05 Can we trust Bitcoin Longterm?
04:40 Gold or Bitcoin
05:05 Bitcoin has maths behind it!
05:45 Is Bitcoin Growing Too Fast?
07:00 Government Can’t Fully Control Bitcoin?
09:25 Just 800 People Declaring Bitcoin Profits!
11:40 Bitcoin is designed to be an outsider system, not compatible with current system
14:15 Paul’s Thoughts on Altcoins – Competition is good?
18:15 Bitcoin Price Prediction Despite Bullish Altcoins
18:55 Is it still early for Bitcoin?
20:00 Same obstacles as Gold ahead?
21:15 Closing Thoughts, Bitcoin is a chance for the future to take shape!