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    Today we have Roger Ver also known as ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ from here on the show, as the debate regarding Bitcoin’s scaling solution rages on between Core and Unlimited Roger is here to tell us why Unlimited’s vision for Bitcoin is the more ideal choice.
    Roger also explains why Bitcoins security is no longer as strong as it once was and why altcoins are growing at such an accelerated rate.

    To get more from Roger: Roger Ver

    01:05 Roger’s Concerns with Bitcoin’s Future
    05:10 Are users happy with Segregated Witness?
    05:45 Core wants high fees
    06:40 What Happens if there are Two Bitcoins?
    07:30 Ethereum Hard Fork
    09:20 Do users still keep their Bitcoin after a Hard Fork
    11:10 Bitcoin Core or Unlimited
    13:10 roger and Unlimited
    14:40 Is Bitcoin’s Security Compromised?
    17:10 Roger’s Favourite Alternatives!
    19:00 Closing thoughts on Bitcoin