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    Litecoin was the alternative to bitcoin we personally were excited about years ago and with finally some recent news on this coin we sought out the founder himself, Charlie Lee. Litecoin has the potential to shakeup the space by being first to implement what’s called “segwit” which is a quasi increase in the number of transactions the currency can handle before bitcoin has a chance to add this software. Any Cryptocurrency enthusiast or beginner will love this interview with a leader in the field for sure.

    To get more from Charlie: Litecoin

    02:15 Litecoin: History from Origin to Today
    03:50 Litecoin Pushing to Add SegWit = Blocksize Fix
    05:00 Does Bitcoin Not having a Founder Hurt it?
    06:55 Bitcoin Hard Fork: What would this Mean?
    08:50 What happens if bitcoin doesn’t increase blocksize
    11:05 Are speculators driving bitcoin price up lately?
    12:25 Charlie’s thoughts of Bitcoin ETF Not Passing
    13:30 More on Litecoin History, What, Why & When
    17:15 How important is SegWit in Cryptocurrency’s future
    19:30 Charlie’s favorite alt coins: Ethereum, Monero…
    21:15 World trends, economics & digital currency
    23:45 Where’s Bitcoin price going the next few years?
    25:25 How high could bitcoin go? Charlie says $50,000

    We apologize for the microphone feedback in this interview