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    Tim Delmastro creator of the phenomenal documentary ‘Bitcoin Beyond The Bubble’ is back with us to give us his expectations on Bitcoin and the altcoins.
    With developing and unbanlable nations benefiting from Bitcoin, we discuss the potential financial revolution across Africa and Southeast Asia.
    Other insights shared include the Gold markets and the long-term relationship between Gold and Bitcoin, which are ultimately fighting the same battle.

    Watch the latest Tim documentary at: WATCH HERE

    02:05 Bitcoin beyond the bubble
    03:45 Expectations for Bitcoin
    07:25 It’s not the end of Bitcoin and altcoins
    11:15 Money attracting talent
    14:25 Lightning network’s influence over the altcoins
    15:35 The gamble of low cap altcoins
    18:55 “Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize Africa”
    21:25 Gold’s long-term relationship with Bitcoin
    27:50 Where to find Tim’s documentaries