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    For bitcoin beginners and veterans alike; this roundtable discussion will spark thrills and inform you on various points including what the halving is, where the price is likely to go, how bitcoin changes world finance and the monetary system and the benefits of bitcoin over fiat currency. Our 3 friends, past guests and bitcoin experts join us; Trace Mayer, Max Wright and Dave Scotese.

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    02:00 What is the block reward halving? Supply & Price
    04:30 Bitcoin vs Consumable Commodities
    07:45 New All-Time High Bitcoin Price by End of 2016
    10:00 Is Bitcoin Free from Government Controls & Surveillance?
    12:40 Bitcoin Updates: Segregated Witness & the Lightning Network
    13:50 Bitcoin’s Anonymity; Can the Government Shut it Down?
    17:45 Bitcoin’s price if Mainstream & threat to financial system
    23:00 Central Bank’s Gold Price Suppression Scheme
    26:10 Bitcoin will Overhaul World Monetary system
    29:00 Current World Financial system is a Ponzi Scheme
    32:10 What the Block Reward Halving really means for Bitcoin
    33:20 Price Rise to Happen AFTER the halving due to Less Supply
    35:30 Bitcoin’s to represent 1/12.5th of reward for securing bitcoin network
    39:00 Demand mechanics of bitcoin stated by Trace Mayer
    40:10 Speculative vs Transactional Demand & Price Elasticity
    44:00 Transaction Fees & Transaction Quantity in a Block

    GUEST 1: Trace Mayer
    GUEST 2: Max Wright
    GUEST 3: Dave Scotese