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    Today we have our very own Bitcoin writer, Luke Dodwell to give us his opinions on Bitcoin and the crypto space overall!
    Luke gives insights on the current scaling debate situation, Litecoin’s role in Bitcoin’s future and other key insights into Bitcoin’s long term future.
    Also suggestions are given on how to keep your Bitcoin and Crypto safe through cold storage and paper wallets.

    To get more from Luke: Yes4Motivation

    01:20 The Blocksize Debate
    05:15 Digital Currency Doubters?
    07:05 How would the Internet Shutting Down affect Bitcoin?
    08:25 Litecoin Activating Segwit Reactions?
    10:05 Is Litecoin Bitcoin’s Competitor?
    12:15 Bitcoin and Litecoin Price Predictions
    15:15 Coming Government Regulations
    19:05 How the Government will enforce rules
    24:30 How resilient is Bitcoin?
    27:15 Safest Way to Store Your Bitcoin
    32:15 How to Find Luke’s Youtube Channel