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    It’s a crucial moment in bitcoin’s history once again as a highly anticipated fix to the block congestion may just be solved shortly. This is likely the biggest reason for a recent rally in price close to the lucky $777 marker. World-renowned bitcoin expert Trace Mayer details the most important steps to get bitcoin’s success and his upper price target of $3,000 is really exciting for us and the community. Segregated Witness or ‘SegWit’ is the main focus of this interview; this is the development solution for bitcoin scaling that would further accelerate adoption and give confidence to big wall street investors.

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    01:10 Bitcoin Highest Price 34 Months…$3,000 Soon?
    03:00 Highest Market cap of all BTC and still rising
    06:00 Development, SegWit integration Explanation
    09:00 Soft fork integration over 1 year period
    10:40 Regulators delaying Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF
    14:00 Bitcoin growing worldwide fast
    15:30 World trade switching into bitcoin
    17:20 Spanish speaking bitcoin pages up 300% YoY
    18:00 China still majority of Mining; Gov interested
    21:00 IRS wants data on bitcoiners (Coinbase exchange)
    24:10 IRS will drive basic users away from legit sites
    25:10 SegWit allowing more freedom with Bitcoin
    27:15 Internet Programming legends working in btc
    28:30 Where does bitcoin development go from here?
    30:00 Final thoughts, where to learn about bitcoin