Gold/Silver Trader & Conspiracy Buff Michael Noonan discusses some interesting connections betweel elite Rothschilds, Gold/Silver & False Flag Terror Shootings. Definitely one of the most alternative eye opening information in this interview!

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01:50 BREXIT: Was this a blow against the Elites or by Design?
02:55 UK May Not be allowed to leave the EU!
03:40 Rothschild Agenda Conspiracy starting out Banking in Germany
06:20 How are Globalists controlling agenda today; US Empire
07:40 Greenspan calling for return to Gold Standard
10:25 James Cameron, PM of England refuses to let UK Leave
11:10 Terror Attacks & Shootings worldwide are Mostly False Flags
14:25 Gold & Silver Skyrocketing on High Volume
16:00 Silver to Outperform Gold; World Economic Reasons
18:30 How high can Gold go?
20:00 Closing thoughts & Get more from Michael Noonan