John is back for an emergency update on the BREXIT vote that just showed Britain’s citizens desire to leave the toxic Eurozone. This action is to have massive rippling effects for the world economy and secure gold & silver’s bull market and the EuroZone’s demise.

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02:00 Market Crash, Gold Up, EU Crash after BREXIT Vote
04:30 UK is just the first Domino to fall, Whole Eurozone threatened
06:20 What do Establishment Elite Want?
09:10 Who will be Blamed for the Market Crash?
10:45 How will Britain be affectee Economically from the BREXIT?
12:45 Will Banks need to Print more Money to prevent global credit bubble pop?
15:00 Precious Metals Safe Haven from the growing chaos & currency crisis
17:00 John’s new update on metals on from his BREXIT outcome analysis

The vote is in and Brexit is confirmed. The UK is now the first country to leave the European Union. David Cameron, prime minister of Great Britain has now announced his resignation as the “yes vote” prevailed for the UK to leave as he was an avid supporter in the “remain” camp.

What became very apparent as the results started to come through was that fearmongering in this case, most certainly failed, and the fight between the establishment and the people, the establishment lost.

Even after a mysterious death of a pro remain politician took place just prior to the referendum and a sudden shift in polls showing a likely stay vote would prevail, Brexit still took place.

No doubt the markets were rattled as the pound hit 30-year lows, gold spiking $100, and equities collapsing across the globe on Friday.

John Rubino of articulates how the Brexit could very well be a trigger event for the financial markets as well as the stirring of political chaos.

The extent to which central banks will act is unknown, but what is understood is that a day of reckoning is coming and this is just more confirmations of the ongoing economic and social unrest.

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