This interview will expand your mind on Gold & Silver Investing. A perfect go to video for beginners and intermediate investors in the precious metals space, founder of bullion dealer Miles Franklin and metals expert Andrew Schectman delivers 40 minutes of important and helpful information as well as revealing some upcoming exciting updates for Miles Franklin.

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02:00 Background on Miles Franklin Bullion Dealer, A+ Better Business Bureau
03:00 Companies that Cut Corners for Prices Ended up Bankrupt
06:30 Minnesota first state to license & bond bullion dealers
09:50 Holding at Home Tips: Theft Risk
14:40 Third Party Storage Vaults: What Are They?
15:30 GLD & SLV is Letting the Fox guard the Hen House
16:30 Andy doesn’t see government confiscation of metal
17:50 US Needs trust of creditors = no asset confiscation
19:00 Storing Gold & Silver with 3rd Party Depositories
23:30 Having wealth out of control to preempt currency controls
24:20 Miles Franklin will have revolutionary BRINKS security
25:50 Purchasing Bullion, Buybacks, What to Buy, etc.
34:00 Last Year Miles Franklin sold only 10% in Generic Silver
35:00 Buying Government Issued Coins gives Peace of Mind
36:30 Counterfeit Coins Popping Up: How to Deal
41:00 Learn More & Buy Now via phone, online ordering coming Oct

Dear Reader,

Miles Franklin has been in business for nearly 30 years without a single complaint, according to the Better Business Bureau. They also happen to reside in the only state in the U.S. that regulates precious metal dealers.

In 2008 and 2011, silver became almost unavailable. And now, according to Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin in our a Future Money Trends’ recent interview, he believes in 2016 it is likely “we will run out of silver.”

The big money is starting to enter this trade, but there is an enormous problem: the silver supply is already extremely tight.

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