We have an expert in Gold with us today, Ronan Manly from BullionStar will be discussing the disconnection between Physical and Paper Gold and the situation with Gold not performing how many have expected.
Its no secret Gold is supressed across the world, Ronan talks about the role Central Banks play in the manipulation of the Gold Markets and why they don’t want Gold flowing into the Public domain, we gain insights on the Shanghai Exchange and the Gold markets in China.
Ronan also explains the merits of holding Bullion and why Precious Metals are a great addition to your portfolio.

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Ronan´s Blog: Ronan Manly Blog

02:00 Precious Metals Market Trend Update
05:00 Relationship of Physical and Paper Gold Markets
10:30 The Dilution Of The Gold Markets
15:00 China and the Shanghai Gold Exchange
19:30 China’s Price Discovery Mechanism
21:55 Central Bank Secrecy – What’s Happening Behind The Scenes?
26:20 Banks Won’t Let Gold Into The Public Domain
29:00 Bitcoin Surpassing Gold A Concern To Central Banks?
32:00 Where to learn more and Protect your Wealth!