In this valuable interview Andrew Zatlin helps us makes sense of the current events, including the dominance of China and whether the Asian powerhouse is as dominant as we are led to believe and the overwhelming debt the nation faces.
The fears of President Trump being impeached are slowly becoming a reality, what does this mean and what is the effect on the economy nationally and globally?

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01:50 China economic outlook Chinese economic crash?
05:30 The long-term vison of the Chinese in comparison to the US
09:20 Chinese ghosts cities
17:15 China can never pay off its debt!
21:00 Investors can’t get their money out without Bitcoin!
23:30 Trump’s relationship with the global community
30:30 “We Have Bureaucrats In Charge – Its Time To Not Have Bureaucrats In Charge”!
35:15 Trump impeachment fears disrupting the Economy
46:20 Bullish Stock Market can it maintain current course?
57:00 Fear and panic will push Gold and Silver up
1:05:25 Where to gain more of Andrew’s insights