New guest Jeff J. Brown is here to reveal some secrets on the Chinese economy we haven’t heard or shared with our audience before. How much of their economy is state run? What’s their debt burden vs the world, are they still growing or are they contracting? Answers to these questions and many more fascinating facts are revealed in this interview.

To get more from Jeff: China Rising

01:10 China: What Gives them Their Success?
02:30 China has no private Real Estate
08:45 Why China Tech leaving World in Dust
10:05 Inefficiencies in Government Run Industry?
13:55 Private businesses vs Chinese Government
16:15 China’s Debt is Not as bad as Japan & World
19:15 China spends money on infrastructure investment
21:15 in 50Yrs built 100+ Big Cities, 1,000’s Towns
28:45 China Heading to European Model Socialism
33:55 Megacity being built to hold 100 Million ppl
38:00 More from Jeff, Books, “China Rising” & More