As we now witness the regulations beginning to form on the ICOs, Trace Mayer returns to give us updates and precious insights into the latest news in the Blockchain space!
What are the implications of the new regulations coming from China? Will Bitcoin become more than a payment network and surpass Ethereum’s ability become the number one platform for building applications on? We discuss this and more!

To get more from Trace:

01:25 The Chinese ICO regulations impact on Crypto Currencies
01:25 Chinese regulations and long term implications on Crypto Currencies
04:05 Long term implications of more regulations
12:35 Ethereum’s potential and purpose
16:25 The aftermath of the Bitcoin Hard Fork
20:45 What happens if Segwit2X happens?
24:45 Litecoin and Atomic Swaps with other Blockchains
30:05 The mind-set of the Bitcoin Holder