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    Our long-term friend and silver expert David is back to discuss first the federal reserve’s decision not to raise rates (of course) and what this means for the world economy, future of the dying US Dollar and definitely gold & silver physical and mining shares. There’s definitely some big events this year like the Chinese yuan into the IMF SDR that can shake things up BIG!

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    01:50 Gold & Silver Rise after FED fails rate hike
    06:20 At today’s rates, bonds will lose you money
    08:30 Japan the leader in low rates, bond market chaos
    12:00 Inflation the money supply without people noticing
    13:30 Real interest rates will have to move up
    15:40 Dollar about to lose status as World Reserve Currency
    18:20 Gold & Silver Seasonal Bull Rally about to Start
    19:20 Possible selloff in gold/silver/mining if stock market crashes
    24:00 Gold & Silver recovering fast from artificial selloffs
    28:00 Price predictions for the rest of 2016, up or down?
    30:00 Silver around $20 is a steal; at the cost of production
    31:40 Dollar to trade lower with Chinese yuan in IMF SDR
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