This is the ultimate breakdown of the Clinton crime history all Americans need to hear immediately. Dating back to Iran-Contra of the 1980’s and before, Michael Rivero of reveals the key details of ties between the Clintons and Bush’s, cash bribes, Clinton Foundation slush fund and what to expect if this woman gets into the Oval Office.

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01:30 The Clinton Foundation: Complete Scam; Iran-Contra Ties
02:20 Bush-Clinton Drug Ties & Goes All the Way Back to JFK
05:20 Clinton Foundation a Giant Slush Fund
09:20 Media Promoted Clinton During Entire 2016 Campaign
11:20 Donald Trump Would Crackdown on Insider Drug Smuggling
12:00 Corruption & Favors: The Way of Clinton Politics – Blackmail?
16:10 Media & School Indoctrination to Trust Government
19:20 The Crucial Importance of Independent Media in 2017