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    In the aftermath of Trump’s monumental decision regarding the Paris Climate Accords our special guest today is the Author of Kindergarden of Eden, Evan Sayet.
    We discuss the influence of Comedy and its political agenda, how the modern Liberal thinks in the Trump era and world’s reaction to Trump pulling the US out of the Climate Accords.
    Also mentioned is the possibility of Hilary Clinton returning for the 2020 Presidential campaign!

    To get more from Evan: Evan Sayet

    02:40 How the Left views the world
    03:30 Comedy’s influence on the distribution of political news
    06:25 Trump and the Climate Accord!
    10:00 Ridicule is the most powerful weapon of all
    10:45 A history violent of Liberal Movements
    11:35 How the modern liberal thinks
    15:20 One man’s success is another man’s failure?
    20:05 Can the Left stop Trump?
    23:30 Return of the Hilary in 2020?
    26:15 Where to gain more insights