Once again we have popular guest and silver manipulation history documentarian Charles Savoie on. As always he names names to who he has learned is manipulating the metals markets and stealing wealth of Americans by any means necessary. The group he calls ‘The Pilgrims’ extenstive history is carefully detailed in this interview with where it started, who’s a member and what organizations are actively participating. A MUST listen for the silver researchers and conspiracy buffs in general. He makes some bold predictions and also gives a dire warning on the Texas State Bullion Depository.

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02:05 Who are the Silver Stealing Pilgrims?
04:35 The Magna Carta is not what You Think
09:00 1902 Cecil Rhodes secret society’s Plans
10:35 Silver stealing secrets from UK Royalty
16:15 Aztec Club: War with Mexico true history
19:40 Names of Gold manipulators in US Government
21:50 COMEX Silver Price rig to fail, US Gov to confiscate
24:05 Pilgrims Society conspiring against President Donald Trump
28:10 BEWARE The Texas State Bullion Depository
29:50 Trump supports Civil Asset Forfeiture: This Needs to Stop!
38:30 Texas Gold is in HSBC New York, Why not in Texas?
47:10 More on the Pilgrims Organization
50:40 British have been Attacking Silver Since 1572