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    The macro geopolitical analysis relating to real world economics is stunning in this interview with David. Every minute is stuffed with valuable statistics in the twists and turns of this, unfortunately, manipulated financial world. Be sure to see the talk on palladium shortage which could end the metals price manipulation in the middle of this interview; but the whole thing is packed with excellent information and even some predictions and analysis on what the Trump Presidency means for the US and World economy.

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    01:30 How will New Year unfold in Economy with Trump
    04:00 Increasing interest rates, Oil Breakout long-term
    05:20 paper price of Gold & Silver vs Physical Diverting
    07:30 Base Metals shooting up; physical assets rising
    08:25 Under Trump, write down of US Debt to occur
    10:30 World trade declining; more predictions from David
    11:30 World Debt reaching breaking point; scramble for US Dollars
    13:30 ‘Infrastructure build not to resurge commodities’
    14:30 Palladium shortages to end Metal Manipulation Scheme?
    16:00 Russia fighting paper market manipulation
    20:00 Hard Assets to benefit in world money paradigm shift
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