Ozzy the BS Filter is on with us today to give us the blunt truth on way Banks and Government hates Bitcoin so much! We look into the irony of Jamie Dimon labelling Bitcoin a scam and the future of the Blockchain Industry overall!
Also we look at insights regarding Ethereum actually being a Corporate entity and the importance of usability.

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00:50 Zimbabwe Dollar and 80 Billion Percent inflation
01:45 Crypto Currencies is our hedge against Government!
05:35 The irony of Jamie Diamond labelling Bitcoin a scam!
09:00 Crypto trading enabling financial freedom!
11:40 Ethereum is a corporate centralised entity
17:45 The process of mass adoption and the fast price behaviour
23:00 Institutional money entering the Blockchain space
27:45 Bullish on Litecoin for the long term and closing thoughts