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    We have another crypto interview with Ameer Rosic of, Ameer helps us understand a popular question regarding what a Smart Contract is and also gets us up to speed with Ethereum and the reassuring fact that not all Hard Forks can be a bad thing.
    With the surge of popularity in Blockchain based technology we also discuss Bitcoin’s future, the importance it not becoming political and the Government’s stance on crypto currencies overall.

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    01:10 What attracted Ameer to the Bitcoin space?
    02:20 Long term dominance of Bitcoin
    04:50 Ethereum Will Hard Fork Again, Is it a bad thing for Bitcoin?
    08:20 Cryptos are a utility not money!
    09:40 The benefit of Crypto currency in developing nations
    12:20 Why Bitcoin can become more important than the internet
    14:30 What is a Smart Contract?
    17:20 Government and the coming regulations
    21:05 Ethereum going to Proof Of Stake and Litecoin Insights
    23:20 How to protect your Crypto Currency and closing thoughts!