Crime in the digital age is quite different from what we used to see in old-time bank heist movies. Hacking is the new theft methodology, and its secrecy and efficiency make it all the more disconcerting. It’s an issue we all must face and address, and preparation is the key to protecting yourself against ongoing cybersecurity threats.

Schooling us on the ins and outs of cybersecurity and how we can better protect themselves against hackers is Rob Embers, the Chief Commercial Officer at leading cybersecurity company Dionach. Crush the Street engaged Rob in a highly instructive conversation that uncovered a number of surprising facts and actionable ideas.

It turns out that Mr. Embers and the rest of the team at Dionach are well equipped to answer questions about cybersecurity. At Dionach, a leading provider of information security solutions, Rob works closely with clients to understand their specific business needs, providing high-quality tailored services that underpin a robust security posture.

Not only does Dionach offer security assurance through penetration testing and social engineering, but the company also helps organizations meet compliance requirements, carries out cybersecurity research, and provides prompt and effective responses to actual and suspected breaches.

Crush the Street sat down with Rob Embers to pick his brain on what’s happening now in the world of hacking and cybersecurity, and he informed of a disturbing trend: in the past six months we’ve seen cybersecurity-related incidents with Marriott and British Airways, just to name a couple of examples – and this is only the tip of the iceberg because there have been many more small-to-medium-sized incidents.

What the hackers are trying to extract, according to Rob Embers, is data, which has become a valuable commodity in modern society. From identity theft and credit card fraud all the way up to large-scale money laundering, cybersecurity breaches in all forms and sizes are a growing problem globally.

It’s costly to consumers and victims, no doubt, but there’s a bigger toll, as the cost of these cybersecurity breaches to the U.S. economy is estimated at $100 billion annually, according to Rob Embers. It’s also costly to many of our investments; for instance, the price of Marriott stock shares dropped by 6.9% the day a hacking incident was reported.

To help combat these threats to our identities and our finances, Rob Embers first recommends that we improve our password management strategies. This means never using passwords for multiple uses or applications, as well as never using personally identifiable information in our passwords.

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    Courtesy: Rob Embers


    Another helpful tip, according to Rob Embers, is to avoid clicking on web links whenever possible. Web links in e-mails and other communication formats are sometimes an avenue for hackers to exploit vulnerabilities, so unless there’s a compelling reason to use a web link, it’s usually best to avoid them as much as possible or at least hover over them first to see where they’ll lead us.

    No matter how careful we might try to be, it’s practically impossible for non-experts to completely protect themselves against hacking threats; fortunately, however, what Dionach does is provide solutions to these cybersecurity issues.

    According to Rob Embers, the company starts by assessing the assets that the client actually has. Then they work to build a program around those assets, using the technique of “penetration testing” (i.e., simulating a cyber attack).

    With highly skilled and qualified penetration testers, Dionach will conduct testing of web applications, internal and external infrastructures, wireless networks, mobile applications – and even people, through the use of social engineering techniques such as phishing.

    Courtesy: Rob Embers


    Additionally, Dionach will work together with organizations to provide ongoing training in areas such as secure development and social engineering awareness. It’s a full-service solution to a problem that can be prevented or at least reduced when the right precautionary measures are in place.

    For more vital information on the threats posed by hackers and how we can avoid becoming victims of these techno-criminals, you’ll definitely want to check out Crush the Street’s full interview with Rob Embers. We also advise that you visit Dionach for their comprehensive suite of full-service solutions to the variety of modern-day cybersecurity threats.

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