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    Dash is a cryptocurrency like bitcoin but with many more advanced features. With so much turmoil in the bitcoin community like the hard fork risk, ETF failure and mining centralized in China, something like DASH has a realistic opportunity to overtake and become the world’s most popular digital currency. Today we have an interview with one of Dash’s key people, the director of finance who is also giving a speech at an Open House meeting on Dash in Scottsdale March 30th.

    To get more info of DASH: DASH

    01:20 Why dash is rallying BIG last few months
    04:25 Many businesses are partnering with DASH
    05:20 Bitcoin Fork Scaring people into Dash & Alts
    07:50 Extra features of Dash bitcoin doesn’t have
    10:30 Dash Evolution to Revolutionize Cryptocurrency
    11:30 Dash’s governance structure is built-int
    12:40 Small blocks vs Large explained for the laymen
    14:10 Bitcoin is STUCK with block consensus issue
    17:50 Dash having founder (Evan Duffield) improve image?
    20:15 What’s the likelihood for dash to have Hard Forks?
    23:30 How digital currencies will change the world
    28:10 Where to learn more about Dash []